The Importance of Being Fun

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Last week I went to Starbucks for the first time in ages. Because I like to be unpredictable, I gave my name as Jorge for the preparation of my coffee. I did it with a completely straight face. I knew it would be a good conversation starter.

When the baristas called the drink for Jorge, I walked up and they were laughing. After bugging them about making fun of my name, I admitted my real one. I told them Jorge was more fun and I felt like using it that day. They all burst into genuine laughter. One of them said, “I can tell you’re a really fun person.”

And, she was right.

I am a fun person. I make people laugh, I’m the life of a party, and I try to make boring situations a little more exciting. It’s a great reason that I’m popular wherever I go.

Popular people don’t just have a magical power that follows them and creates situations like the one at Starbucks. Instead that magical power is actually an ability inside all popular men and women. It’s an ability to put people at ease and get them talking (and laughing).

One easy way to achieve that is by being fun. And, most people simply aren’t fun. They’re uptight, whiny, selfish, rigid, and even angry. Even a lot of “fun” people can only get to that state after consuming chemical substances. But, once those substances run out, they stop being fun and can even be a little mean.

However, if you desire popularity, you’ll have to be fun all the time (except for maybe funerals). That’s at work, at play, even at home with people you don’t like.

The secret to being fun isn’t even all that difficult. Usually it’s just a matter of relaxing, letting loose, and actually, you know, having a little fun.

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