The Onion Nails It

In many ways, humor is the best way to illustrate a point. Studies have shown, for example, that if children are laughing and enjoying themselves, they actually learn more. And, when it comes to humor, it’s hard to beat the parody and satire that comes from The Onion.

This recent article, entitled Girlfriend Changes Man Into Someone She’s Not Interested In is classic for a couple reasons.

First, it demonstrates that while women often say they want nice guys, in reality they prefer guys with an edge. It also shows how long term relationships can sometimes turn a guy (and even a woman) into unattractive versions of their former selves.

The article demonstrates, through humor, the need for what we do at the Popular Man (creating confident. And, what we do isn’t just for single guys. We can also restore the spark to long term relationships (even marriage) that once existed, but may have died.

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