The Twenty-Four Hour Rule


Don’t ever text this….

You meet a girl at a club or other place and a girl gives you her number. Most guys wonder what they should do next. Not only does the content of the text message matter if you want to see her again, but so does the timing. Lots of guys get really nervous about this part of the follow-up.

First, let’s bring up where guys obviously fail: texting immediately. I’ve known guys who text the girl as soon as they separate from her. It might be innocent like “Nice to meet you” or something that reeks of desperation. Either way, texting a girl immediately makes the guy look weak.

Any guy who texts a woman immediately after meeting her tells her: I don’t have options. Even if a guy feels like he has no other options than that one woman, he needs to make her think he has other women lined up, or, at the very least, a life. Many men think that immediately following up with the woman makes him look interested.

When texting, you don’t want to look too interested. You want her to think you are aloof about the relationship. While it’s your job to take the lead, you want to make her want your attention. If you meet her then immediately offer her attention, she knows that she’s in charge of the relationship. That’s bad.

Some experts recommend the twenty-four hour rule, which means to wait at least twenty-four hours to followup by text or social media. This advice is helpful in many ways, just so it’s not taken as a hard and fast, inflexible rule.

The twenty-four hour rule is great for guys whose immediate impulse is to desperately text a woman the second they get out of her presence. If a guy feels like he absolutely has to text a girl, then waiting twenty-four hours is a great restraint to keep him on the right path.

But, there are times when waiting twenty-four hours isn’t helpful, like when the attraction is obvious. If a guy is certain that the girl is extremely attracted to him, there’s nothing wrong with texting her the next morning, just so long as his texting is casual and aloof.

Also, there might even be times when a guy wants to wait a couple of days before following up, going way beyond twenty-four hours. Perhaps it’s a girl who he knows plays games or was extra snobby. In these situations it might be preferred to wait two to three days before following up. Of course, the key is to make her think he’s super aloof.

The best advice with the twenty-four hour rule is that it can’t get in the way of a guy being flexible and adaptable and always taking the next right, detached step. Rules are helpful as guidelines, but, when a guy masters the material, he knows that he has to do what is right and works even if it violates a previously established rule.

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  1. You know what, I’m going to stick the number in my wallet, and maybe a year from now, I’ll discover it and say “Oh yea, I should call her…” 🙂 Everything I needed to know, I learned from “Swingers”…

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