The Upside of The Obesity Epidemic

Obese Man In PaintingHere is a sobering statistic for this country: nearly seventy percent of Americans are overweight or obese. This is obviously a disaster for our health care system and our country’s overall quality of life. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have consistently harped on the shameful eating habits and lack of exercise among Americans. However, there is an upside.

For those of us among the thirty percent of people that are fit, healthy, and skinny, it gives us a huge advantage socially. Studies show that skinnier people are judged as more good looking. And, other studies show that good looking people have an advantage when it comes to success and popularity. So, if you are a part of the thirty percent, or can become a part of it, then you have a leg up socially.

Most people also tend to gain more weight as they age. The number of people who can run five miles in high school is probably fairly high. Those who can do it twenty five? Not so many. At thirty-five? Probably only one percent. So, the older you are, the more advantage being fit will give you.

I’m not making light of the obesity epidemic, but for fit and healthy men, the increase in fat Americans actually has an upside: it makes us look better. So, if you’re currently fat, start working out and eating right. We offer tips on a regular basis to help you. Keep checking back. If the rest of the country is getting fatter, buck the trend along with us – and get the extra attention that comes with being fit and good looking.

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