There Is A Biology Of Attraction

human apesLove is a mystery. I’ve heard this countless times, usually from people who are either annoyed about a bad relationship, amateur poets, or, most likely, men frustrated that they can’t get dates.

Love actually isn’t much of a mystery. It’s a chemical reaction. And, when it comes to finding love, there is a biology of attraction.

Yes, that’s right. I’ve outlined this primarily in my article attraction is not a choice. So, you can read more about the actual biology of attraction there. What I want to discuss here is the absolute refusal of some people to believe that there is a science behind love and attraction.

You can see this denial the most on social media, especially Twitter. Whenever some study is published or some current event happens related to attraction (especially attraction that doesn’t meet someone’s idealistic notions), there is outrage because dammit, love is mysterious. Humans can’t be reduced to biology!

While I firmly believe that humans have a spiritual and mysterious side, love and attraction aren’t all that mysterious. Just like other animals almost always mate in a certain fashion, so do humans. There are outliers, but there are also incredible consistencies. Humans all have mating rituals, postures of attraction, hormonal changes, etc. These are all biological.

By saying that love is mysterious and denying that there is a biology of attraction, these naysayers are actually making the lives of others more miserable. While human love isn’t fully understood, convincing a man or woman that their love life is totally outside the realm of science also means it’s totally outside the realm of fixing.

If we believe that nature is generally predictable (which scientists do), then love should be similar. If my electricity stops working in a room, I call an electrician. Using the known laws of nature and engineering techniques, he comes and fixes my problem. He doesn’t tell me the electricity is mysterious and someday the electric might come back on.

Here at The Popular Man, we know that love and attraction are grounded in science. It isn’t a mathematical formula where “you do x and you get a date.” But, there are methods that can help or hinder a guy from getting dates that are grounded in the sciences, especially chemistry, biology, brain science, and psychology. And, we’ve developed techniques based on these facts.

So, I hate to break it to the hopeless romantics, but there is a biology of attraction. And, it actually helps you find romance. Without it, you’ll likely just be hopelessly alone.

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