Think Young: Be More Happy

smiling babyWhen I was a teenager, I absolutely feared getting older. I hated the thought of aging because some of the adults I knew lived boring lives that lacked fun. I thought adulthood meant staying at home, settling down, abandoning your dreams, and remaining stuck (stylistically and emotionally) in another decade.

Now as I’ve reached adulthood I realize I my fears were unfounded. Well, mostly. While a lot of adults live boring lives they hate, it’s not inevitable. The key to being happy, I believe, is to think young. In other words, embrace the best parts of youth and never give them up. Here are a few tips to think young and be more happy.

Laugh (A Lot)

The statistics point to a sad fact about adults. They laugh a lot less than kids. I watch my four year old daughter laugh at nearly everything. But, at some point, she will be taught that such easy laughter is inappropriate. And, that’s really dumb.

While you don’t want to crack up at every little thing at work, if you want to think young and be happy, add humor to your life. Lots of it. Watch funny movies, be around funny people, and, most importantly, find humor in your everyday life. It’s better to laugh at life’s foibles than to be emotionally crippled by them, especially since laughter has serious health benefits.

Oh and learn to laugh at yourself. Just because you’re an (allegedly) important adult doesn’t mean you’re perfect. Below is a funny clip.

Be More Spontaneous

One trait of youth is spontaneity. Granted, it’s much easier to be spontaneous with no bills and obligations, but still. If you want to think young, add some thrill to your life. Break with your schedule a little. I dare you!

I think you’ll find just doing enjoyable things in the spur of the moment really can add a spark to your life. Life can get really bland when we fall into a deep rut. Break out by being more fun and spontaneous.

Keep Up With The Latest Trends

A study a couple years ago found that older people with the highest quality of life usually had this trait in common: they kept up with newer trends. They knew how to think young, not old. So, instead of complaining about the kids of today and newfangled technology, they actually embraced the new. They owned ipods, surfed the internet, and interacted with young people.

You should do the same. Don’t turn into a mid life crisis stereotype, but find ways to connect to the cutting edge in the present. Give new music a chance. Find the good in the current decade. Embrace technological advances. Think young and avoid the old fogey mindset.

Connect With Old Friends

I reconnected with a good friend from high school and it helped me think young! Now we hang out all the time. We mainly just relax and laugh. Oftentimes we have great friends and loved ones from our youth. They brought us much joy and then we never see them again. How sad! Find those people and call them up (or use social media like Facebook).

When you connect, you can start by discussing old memories. That’s fun. But, go out and make new memories. Think young and act young.

So, I hope this post can help you think young and be more happy. Get out of your old person thinking and start enjoying life again. I triple dog dare you.

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