Three Halloween Costumes That Women Find Irresistible

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Halloween is a great time for guys to not only be social and meet new people but also demonstrate their wit, humor, and confidence through a costume. Halloween is one of the few times (maybe the only time) that adults can express their personalities in such an attention-getting way and still be socially acceptable.

Some Halloween costumes increase your attractiveness, and make women want to get to know you more. Some stand out in a positive way and are a great way to start conversations. It is a great way to meet new people, including friends and potential date interests.

Below are some of the best costumes for guys (if you need a costume, check out the cool selection at Amazon).

Authority Figures

It never hurts to go as an authority figure of some type. Sometimes you’ll actually be admired and considered attractive even though everyone clearly knows it’s a costume. Uniforms make a guy look really attractive to women. The authority figure costumes can include being a cop, a Roman emperor, a firefighter, a judge, a soldier, etc. You can even be creative if that involves power and authority. Going as Donald Trump would fit this, and may be just controversial and funny enough to get plenty of attention, especially given this election season.

Bonus points: Get into your role by “arresting people,” making Caesaresque pronouncements, etc. Just don’t get too into it that you’re the one getting hauled off to the slammer.

Bad Boys

Women do have a certain fondness for bad boys. Even if they’d never date them, there’s definitely an allure. Just like they enjoying watching the bad boy on the TV, if you can dress up as a bad boy or villain, you’ll get those feelings going for you, even if you’re really a pretty good guy.

Halloween is the time to let loose and show your bad side (in a safe and non-threatening way). Bad boy costumes include convicts, vampires, pimps, movie villains (like the Joker), etc.

Bonus points: Be scary and bad in your role. But, don’t go full creepy. No one likes that.

The Funny, Creative, Or Outrageous

These are high risk, high reward ventures. If you can pull off something unique, fun, and creative and everyone gets it and appreciates it, you are the man. However, if it falls flat, is too obscure, too girly, or even creepy, then you’ll look like a tool or “one of the girls.”  So, do this very carefully, especially if you think you might piss off people too much or be the one laughed at (rather than with). If that’s the case, don’t do it.

Bonus points: You pick something that makes the ladies want to pose with you for pictures.

So, here are a few great Halloween costume ideas for guys. Pick carefully. It’ll help your social life if you choose the best Halloween costume.

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