Three Reasons You Must Be On Social Media Right Now

twitter iconWe’ve talked quite a bit about social media and even recently mentioned why you should never unfriend anyone. If the whole social media debate is over your head or you’re asking “what’s social media?” then it’s time to get with the program. Here are three reasons why you must be on social media right now (and as much of it as possible).

The Sheer Magnitude

At one point, social media was for kids. Many adults were suspicious of it and looked down on those embraced it. If you feel that way, you haven’t been paying attention since Myspace was popular (that was around 2007, by the way).

Now, social media is huge for all ages, all classes, and all types of people. Now if you’re not connected, you’re viewed as the outcast. Obviously, you shouldn’t do something out of peer pressure, but, you should do it because…

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Since most people are connected to social media, they do a lot of their employment related networking on social media websites. Facebook friends may post job opportunities, networking events, or give insider information on a variety of topics, that you, sitting by your rotary phone, will literally be the last to know about.

Today, many jobs are gained through social media. It’s not just Facebook either. LinkedIn is the “professional” Facebook where you can connect with people in various professions whom you may know or not know. Job offers and opportunities are posted here regularly and it’s a place to keep up with your contacts.

In today’s economy staying alert and connected is essential to being employed and moving up the ladder. I have found graphic designers, content writers, and other business partners through social media.

It’s Called Social Networking

It’s not just job networking that social media allows. It’s called social media for a reason! You can meet new people and build relationships with them. In the past (or your present) you were limited to a small group of people. If you couldn’t find the right partner or friend, then it sucked to be you!

Social media allows you to connect with thousands of people in your area and beyond. You may just find the solution to your lack of friends or dates right on Twitter, Facebook, or somewhere else. If you’re holding out just to make a point, well, I hope you enjoy that self-satisfied feeling…sitting there all by yourself.

So, if you’re not yet on social media, then get on it. Your job and social life, if you want them to be successful, may depend on it.

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