Three Important Things I Learned From My Dad

Father and Son imageFather’s Day is coming up, so I thought I’d list a few things I learned from my dad that influenced me positively. Obviously, I learned more than three, but I thought I would keep it simple.

1. Humor Is Important For Social Success

When I was in high school, a particular teacher was known for pretty much letting his kids roam free. He was the teacher of the Occupational Work Experience  class. Theoretically, students got experience working around the school. Often, it just meant kids wandering the halls with little to do. The school newspaper asked me a “question of the month” type of thing, which was “how can the school deal with over-crowded classrooms?” My response? “Let every student join the OWE program so we can just wander the halls all day.” They published it, and the elementary principal saw it, laughed, and immediately said “that sounds like an answer his dad would give.” I am not sure of the high school principal’s reaction…

Everyone loved that response, even the teacher. The other answers were boring and serious, but not mine! Dad always uses (appropriate) humor. I have seen him impress and entertain people around him, winning them over and putting them at ease. I learned a lot of it from him.

2. It Is Important To Take Risks

I am a pretty naturally “safe” person, a trait I probably get from my mom. However, my dad is more of a natural risk taker. He doesn’t take dangerous risks per se (at least not since the 1960s!), but he does understand their value, and takes them socially and in his work. I have seen him take on new projects that I thought were too risky only to turn out successful. I used to think dad was too risky; Since I underwent a personal transformation a few years ago, I see his decisions in a new light.

3. Charisma Matters

Charisma is a compelling attractiveness or charm in others that makes others want to follow them. In a lot of ways, this website is about making guys completely attractive, i.e having the skills and traits to attract others in all ways: romantically, friendships,  and even at work. Pure logic would suggest following people based on charisma is a bad idea, and certainly bad people have used charisma. Nonetheless, humans are programmed to follow people with a certain set of quality traits. I have seen people be crazy loyal to my dad. He treats them well, but man are they loyal. People love him. He is well known locally and when I mention I am his son, people always beam. Even when he makes tough decisions, people still seem to love him.

If you know a dad that needs a reboot, or that you think would love to be more charismatic, fun, confident, etc, I highly recommend our book Be Popular Now: How Any Man Can Become Confident, Attractive and Successful (And Have Fun Doing It). It is never too late to become the guy you want to be. Do your dad a favor. Give him our book.

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