Three Tips To Get Fit This Winter

snow on a drivewaySummer is over. And, unless you live in a direction closer  towards the equator, that means you have a few months of cold, nasty weather to contend with. A lot of people think the best time to get fit is during the summer. While summer gives more outdoor options for fitness, the winter is actually a great time to get in shape. Then, when summer comes, you can show off the great body you’ve earned.

However, it can still be tough during the winter to reach any fitness goals. Many people’s favorite activities (like running, golfing, etc.) are either impossible or very difficult during the winter months. In addition, the cold weather combined with early darkness makes us more likely to be sitting on the couch snacking. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Below are three tips to stay fit this winter.

Be Creative With Indoor Options

Winter doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to using the elliptical in front of the television day in and day out. Doing the same indoor activity over and over again will bore anyone into quitting after awhile. And, winter generally lasts four to six months depending on where you live.

Mix up your indoor workouts to keep yourself interested. Join a gym. Find a home DVD program like Beachbody’s Insanity or P90X (check out our Insanity Asylum Volume 2 review). Join an indoor basketball league. Find activities you enjoy and mix it up.

Get Outside

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to be stuck indoors. There are a ton of outdoor activities in the winter that can keep you in shape. And, they’re pretty fun. A few examples are cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snow golf, hiking, and even snowball fights. Just bundle up and be safe.

If you get some warmer or sunnier days, then try to do some of your other favorite activities like running. Although you should make your indoor workouts creative, mixing in outdoor sports and activities will help keep you interested and healthy.

Find A Summer Motivation

Sometimes it’s really hard to stay motivated during the winter. After all, if you drive home in the darkness and go in your house, the couch looks much more inviting than the treadmill. It’s very easy during the dark days of winter to just throw up your arms and say, “whatever.”

One way to avoid this is to find something in the summer you can use to motivate you. I like to run extreme races like the Warrior Dash and the Tough Mudder. Not only are they fun, but they serve as goals for me to work towards. So, I keep these events in the front of my mind during the winter. When I don’t feel like working out, I remind myself that I need to get in shape for these events.

You should set a goal too. It may even be to look better at the beach or the pool. But, find a goal you can work towards and always keep that as a reminder.

So, don’t let the winter months pass you by without getting more fit and healthy. Be ready for summer and beat others to the punch!

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