Three Ways To Not Gain Weight Over Thanksgiving

thanksgivingnewThanksgiving is a great time: family, festivity, and…I can’t think of a synonym for gratitude that starts with an f, so…gratitude. However, it’s also a time for gaining weight. And, while a day (or two or six depending on how off the deep end you go) isn’t a problem in the long run, some people genuinely don’t want to go too overboard on Thanksgiving. If that is you, then here are three ways not to gain weight over Thanksgiving.

Workout First

Thanksgiving lunch is a family tradition in my family. Many people do a literal Thanksgiving dinner. Few people do a breakfast. That means that there is usually time to get in a workout before the big meal. So, if you want to pig out and add a ton of calories to your diet, then you can offset that somewhat by working out.

I’ve gotten in the tradition of working out in the morning before Thanksgiving lunch. If the weather is half decent, I’ll run. Otherwise, I’ll do an Insanity DVD. While I usually still overeat, at least I’ve offset a few calories through my workout. I can watch football on the couch knowing that I’ve earned my bloated relaxation.

This might make you more hungry in the end, so you’ll have to use willpower and/or use the other tips.

Go Lighter Other Times

If you know you’re going to gorge yourself for a big meal, then make up for it at other meals or on the day before or after. So, cut down your calories by 500 the day after or eat a lighter lunch or no breakfast the day of. Weight loss and control come down to overall calorie consumption. So, cut back a little elsewhere and your Thanksgiving calorie hit will be less brutal.

Eat Fiber

Fiber helps us feel full. So, if you want to not overdo it, then eat a lot of vegetables with your Thanksgiving dinner. Or, if you want to speed up the process drink some liquid fiber (like the orange stuff). Do it a little before dinner and drink a lot of water. Eat slowly and that fiber will help you feel more full. But, don’t force down the food anyway or you will feel very sick.

So, if you want to keep the weight off over Thanksgiving, these tips should help. It’s always good to enjoy life, even on a diet. But these tips should make sure you don’t gain too much over the holidays.

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