To Be Popular You Gotta Be Cool

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I know a couple of people who quickly and easily get into panic mode. A crisis comes and they just simply can’t handle it. Their typical reaction to minor stress is a minor meltdown. A major stressor? A total and complete emotional paralysis. Fortunately, they’re not in charge of anything important (or anything period). That’s probably why.

For a lot of people, they melt down and become anxious in the face of stress because they lack coping skills. Whenever I see someone freaking out over stress or creating drama, I figure that their parents reacted the same way and so forth all the way back. Somewhere along the line no one in the bunch learned how to cope with difficulty.

The opposite of melting down is remaining cool. And, cool people are highly valued and very popular in most societies. They also tend to be the leaders in a community, however large. I don’t think we want the guy who runs away and screams every time he sees a mouse having control of several thousand nuclear weapons.

However, even if you have no presidential ambitions, if you have any ambitions, you’ll need to learn how to be cool under pressure. This means:

  • No creating drama
  • No freaking out over anything
  • No anxiety induced bad moods

Cool people are popular and successful because others like to be around them. Who would you rather be with? A guy who is calm and always happy or one who has mood swings all the time? Which boss would you rather work for? A guy who runs a steady consistent company or one who melts down whenever there’s a bump in the road?

Those are just a few examples. Look at the word “cool” too. Being called cool is a huge compliment. In whatever you do, if you can be the cool person doing it, then you’re bound to be loved, respected, and admired.

Tomorrow, we’re going to look at a few tips to remain cool in the midst of stress. Check back so that you can get the popularity and success that being cool brings!

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