Today Cast Your Vote For Yourself

I love voting ohio stickerToday is election day in the United States of America. I have a gut feeling this election will be pretty close and, whatever the result, the country will be more divided than ever. As I cast my early vote, I wondered if my vote mattered. However, after that, I thought about it more and wondered if it even mattered if my vote mattered.

On this site, I want to create popular, confident, and successful men. While the government can certainly hinder success in a variety of areas (like business), ultimately, I don’t believe that a Mitt Romney or Barack Obama presidency will make me successful. I also don’t believe that a victory by either one will bring me down.

Too often, we look to other people to make us happy and successful. I laughed in 2008 when some of the most strident Obama supporters thought he was going to save them from their problems. I laugh just as much at those people who think getting Obama out of office will solve theirs.

If a guy has the right attitude, the right work ethic, and a good idea, he won’t care who the President or Congress happens to be. Once again, I’m not going to deny that politicians can help or hurt someone’s success. But, I don’t believe they can totally stop it.

However you vote today, I ultimately hope you vote for one person: yourself. Resolve to make your life count even more than your vote. The economy stinks and the country is depressed. Times are tough. Now is the time to make a difference in your life, with your family, and in your town. That matters far more than who we put in the White House or in Congress.

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