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A quick glance through social media on Tuesday will show a slew of pictures of people who went from fat to fit or ugly duckling to beautiful. However, if you’re a man and you’re going to truly transform yourself, the best place to start is the inside. So, this Tuesday, let’s look at the ways you can transform yourself and be a totally different guy (even if you look the same on the outside).


The number one thing a guy can develop is confidence. Studies consistently show that confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a man. Lots of guys try to transform their bodies but forget that a guy with washboard abs who lacks the confidence to approach women will be single.

Having confidence isn’t always easy, especially for guys who have had low self esteem in the past. However, developing confidence isn’t all that difficult, but it does take a little time and effort. But all transformation does, including losing weight.

Pursue Excellence

The best way to transform yourself and be more confident is to pursue excellence. This means that you become great at activities and develop traits that people find valuable. So, if you’re currently just plain boring and average, make sure to transcend that in some way.

What can a guy do to be more excellent? Go back to college (or just go). Get a better job. Start a business. Learn an instrument. Get really fit. Run a marathon. Do anything that makes you a better person and helps you appear more attractive to other people.

Fake It Till You Make It

Truly changing can take a long time to accomplish. Years of brain wiring isn’t going to be undone in a few days (like from this Tuesday until the next). But, a guy can fake confidence and swagger until he actually feels comfortable doing it naturally. That’s why we recommend that a man internalize the idea of confidence and approach every interaction like he really is confident in it (even if he’s not).

The biggest way to fake it is to simply act like you’re confident. This means changing body language, acting like you own the place, etc. It doesn’t mean lying about details. However, since being confident is a state of mind, faking confidence well enough means no one will know the difference.

So, on this transformation Tuesday, work to change yourself for the better. While that might involve losing some weight or getting ripped, make sure you change your inner self too.

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