Trimming Ear, Nose, and Eyebrow Hair

close up of an ear

Notice no hair. He’s young.

Is there a woman alive who finds bushy eyebrows, overgrown nose hairs, and hair coming out of the ears attractive? If you know of one, I hope you’ll let me know. But I can safely say for most women (and men), those things are definitely not considered hot.

First, guys must recognize there’s a problem. You may not have thought much about hair where it doesn’t belong (or belongs but looks gross). It’s time to start thinking about it if you want to look your best and be physically attractive.

Here’s the problem with excessive ear, nose, and eyebrow hair on guys: it makes you look older and unattractive. In fact, my recollections of this type of hair are of an old teacher from high school who had ear hair so long that it could probably have been braided. OK, it wasn’t that bad, but it was bad.

Also, you may not care about the practical garden of hair coming from your nose, but guess who likely is? If you said the women around you, you’d be correct. For better or for worse, women are more observant than us guys. You may not notice or care about gross hair in facial crevices, but the ladies just might.

Second, you’ll have to take care of the problem. Fortunately, it’s easy. However, let me first talk about what not to do: take matters into your own hands. I tried this and it wasn’t pretty.

I tried yanking out nose hairs. Bad. Painful and leads to infection. I shaved my ear hair. There was no way to do it without cutting my ear. The hair remained and had company with a nice red cut. As for the eyebrows? Well, they looked less bushy, at least in spots. My homemade job was incredibly uneven.

Fortunately, thanks to my brother who gave me a recommendation, I found a solution. Companies actually make three in one products that take care of trimming ear, nose, and eyebrow hair. Fortunately, they’re also very reasonably priced. Here are my favorites:

Wahl 9865-300 Deluxe Groomer Rechargeable Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmer, Chrome
This is a more expensive model (low 30’s USD), but has a light and is rechargeable.

Wahl 3-in-1 nose, ear, and eyebrow hair trimmer
This cheaper alternative will be good for most people. It gets the job done.

Once you get a product, I recommend using it on an “as needed” basis. I take care of the ear hair every couple of weeks on average and the nose hair once a week. I typically trim the eyebrows whenever I see those annoying blonde hairs appear. Each process usually takes less than a minute.

For a one time cost of around twenty to thirty dollars and spending around five minutes of time every couple of weeks, I keep pesky ear, now, and eyebrow hair to a minimum. It’s a small investment to look younger and more attractive.

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