Want Success? You Need A Work Ethic

man carrying shovelsI heard it many times from my dad: hard work pays off. He taught me, in word and deed (and still teaches me), the importance of working hard to build successful organizations. It’s not a surprise that he runs several successful ventures, all of which have grown by leaps and bounds under his leadership. While his outgoing, charming personality plays a big role, so does the constant time and energy he throws into his projects.

This wisdom isn’t just something my dad has discovered. A great work ethic is a trait of anyone who has found success. Pro athletes spend countless hours in the gym and on the field. Multi-millionaire musicians practiced and practiced and then played lousy gigs in dive bars to hone their craft. Wealthy and popular CEOs and business leaders, at the start, put in (and continue to put in) eighty, ninety, and even one hundred hour weeks.

If you have a goal in mind, whether it’s wealth, fame, or just general popularity, it will take work. Developing a talent, a business, or even a personal brand can require a ton of emotional, mental, and even physical effort. And, unless you like drudgery, you’d better have some passion as well. A passion for your outcome is essential to achieving your goals when hard work is needed.

The good news is that the thirty and under generation generally wants the world without doing the work. If you are in this age group and have clear goals, passion, and a work ethic, then you will have a huge advantage over your friends and colleagues when seeking success.

We also have written an article to increase work ethic which will help you not only be more popular and successful, but should help you follow through with other activities such as losing weight and working out.

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