We Need Songs

We are writing two articles, one on the top beta male songs, the other on alpha male songs. We would appreciate any suggestions you may have. For the definition of alpha and beta males, please visit our article on alpha males, beta males, and jerks. The songs should either be describing alpha or beta males or be sung from their perspectives (e.g. a song about having any woman a guy wants would be alpha).

Please note, we’re not interested in the singer or band members being alpha or beta, just the content of the songs themselves. Also, these should be mainstream, well-known songs. If you’re a musician, that’s awesome. But, if you’re not well-known, don’t suggest your song in this context (although we’d love to hear from you).

Please send your suggestions to thepopularman@thepopularman.com and put song list in the subject line. Make sure to tell which songs are alpha or beta.

We will give credit to anyone whose song we pick, including a link to your site if you like. Deadline is April 5th.

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