Welcome To Valentines Day!

I almost called this post Happy Valentine’s Day, but realized for many people, it’s not a very happy day. In fact, we’ve already written two posts about it:

I Hate Valentine’s Day (But It’s Not What You Think)
Single On Valentines Day (How To Deal It)

So, welcome to Valentine’s Day! It’s here whether you like it or not. And, if you’re on the right path as a guy, it honestly shouldn’t matter whether it’s February 14th or August 20th. You should be happy, confident, and doing what you want.

But, we know it’s not always the case. Especially if you’re single or in an unhappy relationship, Valentine’s Day can be tough. Don’t let it. The best way is to get your life together.

Check out our many tips, especially the ones that involve dating. That way, next year on Valentines Day, you’ll be the guy you really want to be. But it starts today.

Happy Valentine’s Day (whether you like it or not) from The Popular Man!

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