What To Do When You’re Stuck Inside

ice on roofFor many people in the United States, the weather the next few days is going to be snowy, blustery, and at record cold levels. This is on top of the snow, cold, and ice that the same people have already experienced. Many of us are ready to go crazy from being cooped up.

But, being inside doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. Rather than sitting around watching TV or staring mindlessly at a computer screen, you can spend that time bettering yourself. So, when the wind chills hit negative thirty, here’s what to do when you’re stuck inside.

Learn Something New

There are certain things we might have always wanted to learn or try, but never found the time. If it’s something you can learn or begin to learn indoors, then maybe the downtime from being stuck inside could be that time.

Make today the day you can pull the guitar out of the closet, learn how to use a new computer program, watch a self defense video, and so on. Quit putting off what you’ve wanted to do and use your time stuck indoors wisely.


Lots of people put on weight in the winter because they don’t get outdoor activity and haven’t replaced it with indoor routines. When the weather outside is nasty, find a way to workout. Not only will it help your body look better, it’ll also help you avoid the feeling of cabin fever.

Try a DVD workout program. Some popular ones are Insanity and P90x. If you don’t own one or can’t get a hold of it, then do anything indoors. Push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches will get your muscles working and your blood pumping at the very least.

Read A Self-Help Book

Don’t just mindlessly watch TV or stare at the internet. Read a good book that will actually help you do something with your life. There are a lot of great self-help books that can help you in many ways, such as being more outgoing, organizing your life, etc.

Likely you have many of them around the house that you’ve been meaning to read. Pick one up and actually grow as a person. If you need one, we have several available that will make your life more fun and meaningful.

Reach Out To Friends

Are you really stuck in the house? If you can safely get out, then reach out to a friend and visit him or her. If you truly are stuck then call up someone or even text or message.

It’s good for your mental health to connect with other people, even if it’s for a little while by phone or text. It’s even better if you’re able to get out and do something even if it’s just having a cup of coffee. Cabin fever when you’re stuck inside can be horrible.

So, here are a few ideas of what to do when you’re stuck inside. Let it be a time to become a better person and stop yourself from feeling like you’re going nuts.

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