What Women Want (That You Don’t Have)

A recent study confirms what we have been saying from the beginning:  that men and women look for different things in a potential mate, and what women primarily want in a guy is status, as opposed to his looks.

Despite the cries of “men and women are the same” and “just be yourself and someone will come along” both common sense and actual science continue to say otherwise, which is that men and women are different, and there are things you can do to become more attractive.

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This is a very important study, since it shows mate preferences across 37(!) cultures, and regardless of whether the culture was liberal or conservative, guess what? Women and men were not only consistent in their attraction preferences across cultures and countries, but men and women look for different things in a potential mate (again something a ten year old can tell you that some academics seem to ignore). The study found:

Women look for men who are older, have status and financial resources, and are ambitious.

Men look for women who are younger and attractive.

Sociability, pleasing disposition, and common religious and political beliefs weren’t “sex differentiated.” This doesn’t mean these aren’t important. It is just there weren’t gender differences in their importance.

Most guys who need dating and social help think that simply being nice and hoping for the best will get them a date, while ignoring what actually works: bettering yourself and developing status/confidence (and even faking it along the way through body language modification, etc).

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  1. I like what you are saying here, very straight forward. I teach a similar concept in the world of sex where guys are too nice in bed. Same applies really. women want a man who is sure of himself, leads but is considerate in his decisions.

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