What Would It Take?

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Desperation can be a powerful motivator for change. A guy without a job and facing eviction is going to be much more likely to bust his butt finding a new one than someone living comfortably if simply in his parents basement. Sometimes it takes a little desperation to be really successful in life.

When it comes to dating, confidence, and developing the skills necessary to be successful in general, what would it take for you? Maybe you’re just comfortable enough. Perhaps you find a lot of success. Maybe you’re lonely and frustrated to the point of giving up. What would it take to make you finally step up and change your life for the better?

Having confidence, getting dates, overcoming shyness, etc. are all things that can be taught and learned. While people might be born with more natural confidence and charisma, anyone can do better and find more social success. However, most guys are either ignorant of that fact, dismiss it as nonsense, or haven’t reached the point where they want it badly enough.

So, what would it take for you? Maybe you’re already to the point where you’re more than willing to change your life for the better. Whatever it takes to get you motivated, let us help. Visit our blog, check out our books and media, and look for our upcoming endeavors.

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