Who We Are

Through our books, articles, and consulting, our goal is to give you (mainly guys, but even women) the tools you need to be successful in every aspect of your life, to meet new people, make friends, get dates, connect in your relationships, succeed at work, and live a free, happy, and fulfilled life in line with your values and dreams.

Our contributors have years of experience working with men (and even women), helping them develop and master the social and personality skills necessary to succeed in every facet of life.


Jonathan R. Bennett

jonathanb1Jonathan has always had a naturally outgoing and persuasive personality, but began to seriously think about popularity when he noticed that being popular with his students and their parents made him a more successful teacher. He began to question why some people were socially successful and others failed miserably.

This spurred him to study successful, attractive, popular men to see which traits and actions set them apart from the rest of the population.

He has devoted years of research to studying the “science” of attraction (including such areas as neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and psychology) and eventually started creating practical, simple tips, based on his studies. He and friends and family members tried them out and were amazed at the success.

The information was so life changing that he felt he needed to share it with the world. This resulted in The Popular Man (and The Popular Teen).

He operates in the Columbus, Ohio metro area, helping men (and women) become more confident and attractive through consulting, public speaking, classes, and writing. Some topics he speaks on are “Why Women Like Jerks,” “Surefire Signs A Girl (Or Guy) Is Into You,” and “How to Escape The Friend Zone.” He proudly partners with Affinity Matchmaking and Dating Directions, the largest matchmaking service in Columbus.

He has a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and a Master’s degree from Emory University. He is a certified counselor, business owner, and part-time professor. He is the author of seven non-fiction books and regularly contributes articles to several websites, including Michael Fiore’s Digital Romance. His work has been referenced by numerous publications (online and print), including the Wall Street Journal. He has appeared regularly on radio and television, including WBNS 10TV in Columbus. His primary hobby is fitness related activities and he loves running extreme races like the Tough Mudder.

You can learn more about his at his personal website.

David Bennett

David Bennett is an author, consultant, and speaker. Working independently and with Affinity Matchmaking and Dating Directions, he has helped transform the lives of men and women in need of social help. The Popular Man draws on his experience working with guys, as well as the thousands of hours of research and “field testing” in the areas of psychology, brain science, nutrition, and social success.

He was always fairly charismatic and socially successful, yet he went through some major social dry spells in college and after that were frustrating and hindered his career and relationships. Yet, despite graduating magna cum laude from Ohio University, and summa cum laude with a Master’s Degree from Emory University, he never learned why the “dry spells” happened, nor how to get out of them. Like most men and women, he just kind of assumed “you’re either popular or you aren’t!”

In 2010 he began studying the principles of popularity and social success, spending thousands of hours researching and testing the theories, tips, and research that formed the basis for this site, and realized that popular people think and act in ways that make them loved and admired by everyone around them. Unfortunately, unpopular people think and act in ways that turn others off to them. His goal is to help other guys (and women) learn these “popularity secrets” to become more happy and in control of their lives.

He also co-owns two businesses, and his articles receive over a million hits a year. His writing has been referenced in various media outlets, including the New York Times, Huffington Post, and the BBC. He is also married, with a three-year old daughter. For more information, please visit his personal site, David Bennett – Author and Speaker.