Why An Ugly Christmas Sweater Is A Great Way To Meet People

When I was growing up, the only people who wore ugly Christmas sweaters did so with a straight face. I even bought one for my grandma when I was in seventh grade, aware that it was ugly, but also aware that it was the kind she wore unironically.

Now, ugly Christmas sweaters are ironically worn for laughs. This is why they are a great way to draw attention to yourself and meet new people througout the holiday season.

Let’s be honest: most people are boring. A lot of guys will whine about “women not liking ‘nice’ guys.” What they really should say is, “women, like all people, don’t want to date boring guys.” And, most guys are very bland and boring.

The part of our brain that notices things (the reticular activating system) filters out boring people and events. It is the mechanism by which our brain avoids getting overloaded by filtering out things that are familiar.

So, one way to get someone’s attention is to do something that stands out, which will activate your RAS. Let me give you an example.

Do you remember any of the cars you saw going to work today? Probably not, unless, of course, one stuck out. Some may have stuck out in a negative way, if it was making loud noises or its muffler was scraping the ground. Others may have stood out positively, like if you saw a brand new red Lamborghini driving beside you.

If you want to be socially successful you have to stand out in a way that is positive, and a funny Christmas sweater is a great way to do that. It is an instant way to show your intelligence and humor, and if you are physically fit, it is even better.

Not only will you get positive attention, a lot of people will say they like it and talk to you simply on that basis. A lot of women will as well!

Plus, there are even a lot of “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties out there. Look around locally because a lot of bars and restaurants are having them.

Who knew a Christmas sweater could be such an easy way to meet people?

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