Why Clothing Choices Matter

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Go into a crowd of random guys, like at a festival, concert, or a club, and take a look at the way they’re dressed. Although there might be a few guys dressed like they care (usually the younger ones), most make no effort to be even remotely fashionable. This is especially the case with older men. The vast majority dress like they did when they were younger. Styles have changed, but they haven’t.

For men, their personality is still more important than how they look. However, how a guy dresses still plays a very important role in winning over others. Although straight men don’t have the burden of being extremely fashionable like gay men and women, having basic fashion sense is still very important. Here is why clothing choices matter.


Dressing, especially in a powerful, classy way, earns a guy respect. A guy who shows up to an important meeting in a nice suit and tie and will get far more respect than if he comes waltzing in wearing jeans and a T shirt. But, it has to be a shirt and tie that are fashionable and appropriate for the situation. Always dress in a way that commands and earns respect.

In more casual environments, this usually involves not looking like a slob, being at least reasonably trendy, and wearing clothes that make a person’s body look better. It might be unfair, but people judge others on their clothing choices. Outdated, sloppy, ill fitting, etc. don’t usually earn a positive judgment.

First Impressions

Some sources claim that over half of a first impression is gathered based on clothing. That means when you meet a person for the first time, your clothes will form a huge part in how they perceive you. You might have a great personality and a lot of skills. But, if you dress like crap, you’ve already lost half the battle.

Wearing the right clothing makes sure that you are leaving the best impression you can, whether it’s a job interview, trying to meet new friends, networking, or even that special someone. Which, brings me to my next point…


Women are naturally better at paying attention than men. So, your outfit might be from 2005 and all your guy friends don’t notice or don’t care. But, the woman who is deciding if she thinks you’re attractive? Yeah, she will notice. And, she will care.

Women want high value men. Value can be established in many ways, such as confidence, fitness, power, money, charm, humor, talent, etc. Women value a guy who dresses well. So, making good clothing choices will be another way you can show your value to women, and thus be more attractive to them.

So, clothing choices matter and you should care. Check out magazines, look at the models at the stores, and consult with fashionable female friends. Revamp your wardrobe and look like you (should) feel: confident, attractive, and amazing.

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