Why Do Women Want To Change Men?

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Lose weight. Get a better job. Spend more time with your family.

Get off that couch and mow that jungle out there! Oh, and next time put down the toilet seat.

Any man who has ever dated a woman knows that it seems like women want to change the men they’re dating or married to. Most ladies don’t even make a secret of it.

Just listen to their talks with their girlfriends. They openly admit their dissatisfaction with the males in their lives. So, why do women want to change men? We give three reasons.

Women Want Winners

Women are hard wired to want to be with winners. Evolution has made women desire Alpha males, the powerful leaders in society. Yet, there are far more beta males and outright losers in the world. So, women settle. But, they don’t stop wanting the Alpha Male.

So, they continue to try to change their bland, but decent men, in the hopes that they can somehow turn them into the man they really want. Granted, no man can live up to their expectations! But, those women can still be optimistic that they can change their men into a confident, powerful provider (who also mows the lawn).

Women Settle For Jerks Or Losers

Some women don’t just settle for good guys who may be a little lazy. They hook up with absolute jerks or guys with nothing going for them. However, once they settle down a little and have kids, that bad boy attitude or lack of a job isn’t nearly as practical (even if the guy is otherwise attractive).

So, when the kids come and that bad dude who lives life on the edge doesn’t help change diapers or clean up vomit, they want to try to tame him. They won’t leave him because the feelings of love and attraction are just too strong. But, the nagging will certainly commence!

Women Have Different Needs

Finally, men and women are psychologically different. However, few men and women are willing to admit that. Because of the differing needs and ways of expressing it, a lot of women will accuse men of not being emotional enough. They then try to change men to meet their emotional needs.

But, a man simply doesn’t process life in such an emotional way. Men typically think more rationally and it can seem cold and distant to women. This is why men are typically accountants and the “helping” industries like counseling and teaching, are largely populated by women. So, what happens is men and women end up talking past each other.

These different needs aren’t wrong. They just are. However, unless a woman realizes that a man thinks differently, she’ll likely want to change him to be more like her emotional expectations. Guys, here’s a hint: you can get the women off your back a little by throwing her a bone every now and again (and not just the kind you’re thinking). Listen to her occasionally at least.

While there are other reasons we don’t have time to mention, this article should help anyone realize the basic answer to the question: why do women want to change men?

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