Why Guys Should Like Football

national football league gameThe NFL season is starting and so is college football. Both will be staples for many people on weekends (and Mondays and Thursdays). Football is currently the most popular sport in the United States and a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s also popular with both men and women.

Football appeals especially to guys for several reasons, some of which are evolutionary. So, if you’re not a fan of football, we think you need to do it. While you don’t want to be such an extreme fan that you look like a tool with no life, every popular guy should at least appreciate football and be able to discuss it intelligently. So, here’s why guys should like football.

Men Are Programmed to Like It

Back in ancient times men were the hunters of the community. Consequently, we evolved to have a more narrow field of vision and to enjoy watching moving objects. We also have an evolutionary impulse to appreciate more aggressive acts.

What game approximates a narrow field with moving objects that includes acts of aggression? If you said football, then you’d be correct. So, the enjoyment of football is perfectly natural for dudes. Go with your male nature.

It’s Good For Male Bonding

If you ever want a fun way to hang out with your guy friends, then watching football is a great way to do it. It’s basically a bunch of men getting together to have fun in a way that goes along with being a man.

As a guy, I can tell you that I absolutely need time with my male friends. It’s a good time to vent, give each other a hard time, laugh, and have fun in a way that is different from what is possible with female friends or girls you’re dating. Guy friends also help keep the edge that makes women actually feel attracted to you.

Football games are a great way to increase your friendships with your guy friends and just have time to relax.

It’s Manly

Yes, liking football is manly. I’ve heard guys say before they didn’t like football. My first thought was “Why not? Are they wimps?” It’s kind of unfair, but that’s the first thought a lot of people have, including women.

When you’re trying to meet women, knowing a little bit about football and at least appreciating it, shows that you are manly. You may think your preference for tennis makes you stand out, but it might just make her think you’re not so manly.

You can express your love for tennis (at least playing it), but affirm that you root for the local football team too, especially in the United States. It’s kind of expected out of dudes.

Women Like It

More and more women like football than ever. They enjoy watching it, both in person and on television (including out at bars). While a man should never like something because a woman does, there is a practical matter involved.

Now that more women like football, that means more of them are out in bars and other places when football is on television (and at the games themselves). This is especially true of the big games. So, you can be out there too, picking them up.

But, if you can’t tell the difference between third base and third down, you’ll not only not fit in, but you’ll look like an idiot around ladies, many of whom now know about football. Your ignorance of this manly sport means you probably won’t even get to first base.

So, you should definitely learn to like football and know a little about it, even if you have to fake it.

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  1. Women think men who like football as followers….I would never be attracted to a man who had nothing better to do with his life than follow something so silly.

    • Jonathan Bennett says:

      The good news, Sara, is that there are plenty of hipsters and counter-cultural types out there for you.

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