Why Guys Shouldn’t Be Whiny

crying childI worked with several guys at my old job who were always complaining about something. They whined all the time! It was extremely annoying. They came across as very pathetic. And, it didn’t make them more popular. In fact, it made them much less popular with everyone!

The first reason guys shouldn’t be whiny is it makes them look needy. Men by their nature according to evolution are supposed to be providers and protectors. However, when guys whine it makes them look, not like a strong male provider, but a person in need of protection. That’s not a very attractive trait.

Second, whining guys look girly. Nothing against girls. I love them! But guys aren’t supposed to be girls. They are supposed to act like guys. Being whiny and needy is trait typically associated with certain unstable women (not all women by any means!). Don’t be thought of as girly. Men won’t admire you and women won’t be attracted to you.

Third, being whiny makes you look out of control in every sense of the word. And, popular, attractive, and admired men are typically the guys who are powerful and in charge. Or, they at least act like they are! Whining tells everyone right away that the guy in question is weak and not in charge of anything.

It’s OK to vent. You don’t want a heart attack. But, do it with a good friend or a family member. Don’t go off the handle or appear to needy at all in front of people. If you really need the professional help, then see a doctor. They get paid to hear your problems.

If you have a lot of stress in your life, get a dog, exercise more, or take up boxing. But, quit whining around other people, especially your successful colleagues at work and any girl who is remotely hot.

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  1. Guys are expected to be whiny and emotional about everything.

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