Why Halloween Might Be the Perfect Holiday

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I love Halloween. It’s pretty obvious if you read our various websites because we probably write more about Halloween more than just about any other holiday.

But, I’m not just sentimental about Halloween because I enjoyed it as a kid (although I did). There are many reasons why Halloween might be the perfect holiday (especially for guys).

You Can Let Loose

Once we hit a certain age, we’re expected to act like adults. We have to work hard, pay the bills, and take responsibility for our actions. Those are all good things. But, most adults get the life sucked right out of them by the stresses of being “grown up.”

Halloween is one time of year when guys are not only allowed to let loose and be a little childish, but are even expected to do it. Put a giant zombie in your yard? Check. Dress up in a costume? Check. Get chased by guys with chainsaws for fun? Check.

It’s sad that we can’t have fun at other times of the year without experiencing weird looks or shame. But, at least we have Halloween as a chance to let loose and have some fun. Take full advantage of it.

You Can Be Creative

Day in and day out I do a lot of the same things. It’s true of everyone. Wake up at six, take a shower, put on the dress clothes, commute to work, do the same crap for the company, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, and go to bed. Start cycle again.

The same old same old gets really boring and tiring, yet breaking out is tough. Creativity is discouraged at work and at school and most adults are too tired to do anything fun and unique.

Halloween is different. Creativity is actually encouraged. Lots of people who rarely express themselves go creativity crazy at Halloween. And, that’s good. I enjoy watching my stodgy neighbors put bats in their trees and spider webs on their bushes.

People need more creative outlets, but at least once a year we have Halloween to truly throw caution to the wind and be a little crazy and creative.

You Can Bring Out Your Darker Side

Everyone has a shadow, a darker side that we’d rather keep hidden from polite society. Maybe it’s pretending to slaughter zombies during an apocalypse or fantasizing about robbing a bank and moving to Bermuda. While you’d never actually do it, it makes for good stress relief and distraction.

Whatever your darker side, you can bring it out at Halloween and express it in a fun, socially acceptable way. Dress up as a zombie or a bank robber. Let your horror fantasies run wild at a Haunted House. Put giant bat on your girlfriend’s pillow.

Let your darker side show just a little in a fun, playful way. You’ll express yourself and have fun. Obviously, you don’t want to be weird, creepy, or actually commit any crimes. Still, it’s good to let that side see the light of day in a socially acceptable, lighthearted way.

Overcome Fears

One of the beautiful things about Halloween is that we can openly mock and even embrace our fears. Giant spiders? No problem. Headless zombies show up to your door? Give them candy. Brains in a jar? At a haunted house, the more the better!

Halloween allows us to mock what is typically feared and even get over those fears. Go to a haunted house and laugh at it. Yep, that’s what I do. I find that stuff so cool that I actually laugh at it because I’m having a blast.

There’s nothing like laughing in the face of fear to actually overcome fear and be a more courageous person. Halloween lets us do that, as individuals and a culture.

So, while I love Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and even Flag Day (OK, I more like Flag Day), Halloween just might be the perfect holiday. Don’t let it pass you by without having a great time.

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