Why Men Shouldn’t Fear Getting Older

George ClooneyWhen I was traveling down I-71 from Cleveland to Columbus over the Thanksgiving holiday, I stopped at one of the many gas stations. As I walked into the bathroom area, the line for the ladies was ten people deep! On the other hand, I was in and out of the men’s room in thirty seconds.

A guy beside me remarked, “Today I’m glad I’m a man.”

“I’m always glad I’m a man,” I responded.

We both laughed.

Now, before I get judged as an extreme sexist, I want to explain myself. I am thirty-four years old. In the minds of many young people, that’s judged as “old.”  But, for a man who has the right traits, it’s not the twilight of his success. Nope. It’s still just the beginning, with a lot left to go.

A woman’s status is primarily based on her looks, whether right or wrong. The younger look is preferred because of evolution: a woman reaches an age where she can no longer bear children. However, a man can have kids even into ripe old age. And, the traits that women and other men value in a male are sometimes more possible to achieve with greater age.

Women are programmed to like power and strength in a man. In 2012, this doesn’t mean athletic prowess (although women like this), but can include money, being the boss, confidence, etc. Most guys in their twenties don’t have a lot of strength and power (economically or otherwise). However, as they reach their thirties and forties, they begin to acquire more of it. And, they become more attractive. This is especially true if they keep exercising and eating right.

I went to a public pool one summer and saw a guy who had to be fifty, throwing a football with his son. He was fit, youthful, and confident. He was chatting with ladies half his age and was holding his own. He had a lot more going for him than the majority of the twenty year old guys with him at the pool. And, the younger ladies noticed by giving him the attention.

So, if you are saying goodbye to your twenties, thirties, or even forties, it doesn’t mean you’re washed up, even with the younger ladies. You can be powerful, successful, and confident, even as an older man. In fact, especially as an older man. You can date women half your age if you want.

However, a lot of older guys have no valuable traits. They let themselves go physically and become old fogeys in their attitudes. If you do that, then your age can surely be a hindrance. But, if you have the right attitude and traits, then you may have an advantage even over the young bucks.

Our website is dedicated to teaching those popularity tips that will make you successful at any age. And, you can change if you’re not currently popular. Even an “old” dog can learn new tricks. Keep coming back to see how.

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