Why Mud Runs Are Great For Men

people doing a mud runI am a big fan of obstacle course mud runs and extreme races. One great example is the Tough Mudder. I’ve completed three of them. I’ve also done shorter mud runs like the Warrior Dash and Savage Race. I try to complete a couple each summer. These extreme obstacle races have really taken off in popularity and I know why. They offer certain experiences that are rare in the modern world.

I also believe that mud runs are a great event for guys and every guy should endeavor to complete them. While these events are popular with women and fun for everyone, I want to focus on why mud runs are great for men.

It’s Evolution

Men are naturally wired to be outdoor hunters. Our narrow field of vision and our love of objects flying through the air attest to this (e.g. golf, football). In addition, men generally have a more natural enjoyment of aggressive activities (wrestling, rough housing, etc.) and a desire for adrenaline fueled activities.

Yet, in the modern world, where can we get out these impulses outside of watching other guys do it on television? By being computer (or smart phone) staring office dwellers, most guys aren’t living according to their nature anymore. Men are getting flabby and weak. And, getting bored out of their minds by it.

Mud runs are a great way for men to get outdoors, get some adrenaline fueled activity, and start living according to the way evolution intended men to live.

Manly Excellence

We live in an age when a lot of guys live in their parents’ basement where the only accomplishments they rack up are points in video games. A lot of men these days aren’t manly by the traditional definition.

While I’m not making excuses for them, most guys can’t be men because they were never taught. The educational system (I taught for years) has been pretty feminized. Traditional male activities are marginalized in schools and even public. In addition, lack of strong male role models (especially fathers) is crippling an entire generation of boys (and girls).

Mud runs are physical and challenging. Not just anyone can do them well or even do them at all. It’s a chance for a guy to show others that he’s man enough to dominate something so challenging without being aggressive.

Especially with the longer races, when I tell people what I’ve done, they know that it’s an accomplishment. They may think it’s crazy, but they know that it’s a sign that I’m not just an average Joe. A lot of guys, especially younger ones, have few real accomplishments. Mud runs are one way to show excellence.

Getting In Elite Shape

In order to successfully complete an extreme race, it requires that a guy be in good shape. With studies pointing to increased obesity, especially in the younger generation, being in great enough shape to compete in a race of any sort is incredible.

Sometimes getting fit requires a long term goal. Training for a mud run is a great goal to start the process of becoming fitter (and ultimately better looking). Although looks aren’t required to be popular with women and succeed in business, they certainly help. Being in “mud run” shape is a great way to be more attractive.

Male Bonding

Society is becoming much more isolated and the recent studies show a trend towards loneliness and the side effects that come with it (like depression and anxiety). The team building emphasis of mud runs is counter to this.

Training for a difficult event then actually completing it promotes a level of camaraderie that is hard to find in the modern world. Studies show that groups bond through adversity and accomplishment. Training for and completing a mud run offer both of those to a group of guys and friends.

Picking Up Girls

Obstacle course runs are often large affairs (anywhere from three to ten thousand or more people) with a lot of like minded people. In many ways, a popular event like the Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder is the equivalent of a small concert or festival.

For a guy looking for a date, a mud run is a great place to meet women. You’re around thousands of women, they’re all in the mood to relax and party, and you share an instant bond (completing the race). All in all, it’s an ideal place for a guy with even minimal pickup skills to meet ladies.

So, If you’re in good shape and in a warmer area, consider taking on a mud run as soon as possible. If not, it’s not too late to start training for the start of next summer. Have a great time and enjoy the social benefits of these fun races.

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