Why Valentine’s Day Is Overrated

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and that means existential angst for many people, especially singles. However, out of all the 365 days in a year, Valentine’s Day is probably one of the least to be upset about if you are single or don’t have the relationship of your dreams. I have nothing against the holiday, but I still believe Valentine’s Day is highly overrated. Here’s why.

It’s A Fake Holiday

There may or may not have been a St. Valentine. And, even then, there might have been several. We know very little about any of them and most of the stories are likely just legends. Not only that, but the organization that started the holiday (the Catholic Church) doesn’t even celebrate it anymore. That’s right, they took it off their official calendar nearly fifty years ago.

However, it has survived and even thrived as a “holiday” devoted to all things romantic. While there is a basis for the love themed holiday in history, its popularity has taken off due to its promotion by various companies. As a result…

It’s About Crap Not Love

I would be firmly in favor of a day celebrating love. A day set aside to deepen connections with family, friends, and romantic partners would be awesome. However, that day is not Valentine’s Day. It has turned into a day of buying crap. While some Valentine’s Day activities are certainly meaningful, all of the money spent with it really isn’t. Having a bear that sings and goes straight to the trunk or the trash the next day doesn’t really contribute much to a relationship.

I am all in favor of capitalism. But, part of capitalism is spending your own money in a way that benefits you and loved ones. Feeling guilt about spending your hard earned money on junk just because everyone is doing it is hardly maintaining true economic freedom–or making a relationship better.

It Makes Singles Feel Inferior

While ultimately people are responsible for their own feelings, Valentine’s Day has the side effect of making single people feel bad. Not everyone wants to be in a relationship and some people definitely should not be in a relationship, especially at certain points in their life. Yet, the message of Valentine’s Day is that being single means being inferior. After all, it’s important to find true love with a man or woman…so you can buy them more crap!

It Boils Love Down To One Day

In reality, the things a person should be doing on Valentine’s Day–celebrating love, treating the other person to romance, etc.–should be done on a regular basis. I don’t mean the commercial side, but the focus on love in a relationship. It’s kind of like the people who get all cheerful at Christmas then act like Scrooge the rest of the year.

So, instead of going overboard on junk for one day, couples would be better served focusing on ways to love each other on a regular basis and work through relationship issues. But, why do that when you can celebrate your love one day with a singing bear?

So, if you’re single or doubting the purpose of Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. It’s definitely overrated. Now, go out there and buy yourself a big box of chocolates and watch your favorite romance movie by yourself.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Both my wife and I despise Valentine’s Day (that’s why I love her….she doesn’t fall for all of this capitalistic crap and the corny Kay Jewelry commercials). Here’s my problem…..you shouldn’t have to be told when to do something nice for your partner. I randomly buy my wife flowers during the year, but if I don’t get her something on Valentine’s Day, the women I work with think I’m a bad husband. The eight times I had flowers delivered on some random Tuesday or Wednesday in july or August means nothing?? Their comment is “Valentine’s Day makes her feel special”. Really??? How special can you really feel when you and every other woman in the office is getting flowers, cards, balloons, etc all at the same time?? Most overrated “Holiday” (if you even can call it that) there is.

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