Why Women Like Jerks

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Women like jerks. Yes, what countless women have told their female friends and what many nice guys have secretly known, is true. What most people don’t understand, however, is why women like jerks. And, they don’t know that a woman shouldn’t really feel bad for liking a bad boy, at least initially (he’s actually quite similar to the dream guy).

Using brain science, psychology, and evolutionary biology (combined with personal experience), writers, business owners, and consultants Jonathan and David Bennett have done extensive research into why women like bad boys, especially when compared to the boring “nice guy.”

Many women around the Columbus, Ohio area have heard their “jerk talk” where they explain the results of their research. They clearly explain why women like jerks, why this behavior is normal (and even hard-wired into the female brain), and offer six signs to spot a jerk.

This talk also explains the brain chemistry of attraction and bonding, to illustrate why a woman might stay with a “bad boy” even if mistreats her. Their talk has helped numerous women of all ages avoid (or end) the pain that comes from dating a jerk.

Fortunately, for women outside of the Columbus area, this life changing talk is now available everywhere for digital download. In addition, Jonathan and David have included, as a bonus, “Six Traits of a Dream Guy” to help women navigate between the dead ends of jerks and boring men.

What are you waiting for? Learn why women like jerks, how to recognize them early in the dating process, and how to spot a true dream guy who won’t mistreat you or leave you totally bored.

Download the full webinar now! (or just get the MP3 Audio)