Why Women Like Musicians

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The story I’m about to tell is pretty gross, but it needs to be told.

Back in the 1980s, Motley Crue bandmates Nikki Six and Tommy Lee had a bet to see how long they could not shower and get action from groupies. They got around four women a night on average.

And, the bet lasted two months before a groupie finally threw up from the grossness.

I tell this story to illustrate a fact that a lot of guys know: women love musicians (and some are willing to go to incredible lengths, like enduring extreme smells, to be with them). And, it’s not even just famous musicians.

There’s something about a talented musician up on the stage that is really attractive to females. And, it’s in spite of the fact that many musicians don’t fit the typical alpha male stereotype.


Women desire high value men who are excellent at what they do. It could be anything from athletics to business success. These guys are the alphas who take the lead. They really push the female attraction buttons.

Guys who are really talented at music and share it are showing their excellence to the women around them: it takes a lot of practice and ability to be really good at music. And, women respond accordingly by finding them attractive on a visceral level. Note, however, that you actually have to be a talented musician to pull this off. Playing a few chords awkwardly doesn’t count.

They’re Confident (At Least Onstage)

Although many guitarists, drummers, singers, etc. aren’t the most confident and masculine in their lyrics and musings, when they’re on the stage, there’s no doubt that they’re the center of attention and in charge.

So, unless the band members have zero stage presence, they’re likely going to be in charge of the show and the focal point of the audience. They could be singing about the planet Neptune and it wouldn’t matter as long as they’re up there and dominating the concert.

Women Love Music

Music definitely affects humans in positive ways and offers many health benefits. The vast, vast majority of people enjoy listening to music and do it often. So, the person who provides something so important to many people will obviously be highly valued. Many women are extreme music fans and tapping into that, as a creator of music, will make a guy very impressive to women.

It’s just the nature of life. Someone who gives others what they want or need will be considered attractive. Making music is one of many ways.

Social Proof

Finally, women often like musicians because of social proof. Social proof is the concept that if someone is surrounded by other people we automatically assume he is valuable. When a guy is on stage performing, if he’s good, he’s the center of attention and appears very popular. Humans naturally want to be around those who are embraced by other humans.

So, a shy, awkward guy who can get up on stage and rock out to a crowd of even fifty people will look much more popular and attractive than the guy in the crowd no one cares about.

So, this is why women like musicians. If you’re young and you have the time, then maybe you’ll want to take up the guitar or another instrument. Remember, it has to be a popular instrument and you have to actually be good at it.

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