Why You Need To Be Popular (And Need Our Book)

Book cover of "Be Popular Now"This is a blatant promotion for our book Be Popular Now. Yes, I am trying to sell it to you. I am trying to sell our entire concept to you. I admit it. Just like that guy that sold you the riding mower you love, or that teacher who inspired you to like his subject-area. I am trying to “sell” you something, but it is something you really want anyway. Trust me. I’m not selling steak knives, or MLM vitamins you can get for somewhere else for 1/10 of the price (by the way, try Swanson Vitamins or Puritan’s Pride for the best prices).

What I am “selling” is a vision of reality that is much different from what you may currently experience. What I am “selling” is how to be admired, loved, and how to be so popular that people pretty much swarm you for your attention. And, I am asserting that outside of a possible few loners, pretty much everybody wants to be popular, at least to some degree (introverts may want less popularity, for example, or to limit their popularity to certain settings).

If you don’t believe me, just look at the movies, games, and books that inspire people. In video games you play the warrior underdog, who rescues the princess and becomes king. You play the NFL star, or the guitar hero. In movies, you admire the guy that saves everyone and gets the girl (or girls). You read books about heroes who return home from an exciting adventure to accolades. Why? Because being popular is a basic human need – probably the most basic human need.

Unfortunately, most guys can be hard-headed about admitting this. First, some guys have bad associations with the word “popularity.” In high school, it may have referred to the jerk bully whom people feared, but nobody really liked. But that is not our vision of popularity. After all, can somebody whom nobody likes actually be popular? No!

Second, many guys don’t think of popularity like other subjects. If they were unsuccessful at work, they would take classes, research solutions to their ineffectiveness, etc. However, many guys are frustrated that they don’t make friends easily, can’t get dates, and that other guys seem to get all of the attention. They don’t realize that there are scientifically proven easy ways to remedy all of these problems. In short, most guys think you either have what it takes to be popular, or you don’t.

Third, many guys have convinced themselves that they don’t care about being popular. Despite feeling crushing sadness, secret anger, etc, related to their lack of social success, they convince themselves that everything is “ok.” It is hard for a guy to admit that what he is doing in life isn’t working. However, if he actually admits it, he can start the path to real change, and within a few months start getting dates, making friends, and shedding the horrible feelings that overwhelm him.

Guys, you need to be popular. Trust me, you will love walking into a room with people (men and women) staring at you because they are amazed at your confidence. You will love being able to easily approach women and “close” with them, whenever you want. If you feel like meeting someone, you will do it. You will love taking social risks and reaping the rewards (and having a good laugh at your “failures”…and there won’t be many). You will love having people fight for your attention, and flock to you in public. You will love being funny and the center of attention. As you become more excellent, charming, confident, detached, “put together,” and relaxed, you will find that success will come to you in all areas of your life (dates, work, etc). You’ll be a new person. Still “you,” but better.

We want you to be popular. Life is better for everyone when people are more popular. Just imagine if every guy in the world that wanted one got one extra date a month. Imagine if all guys made 2 more friends a month than normal. They’d be cooler to others, more relaxed, and more successful at work. Imagine if every guy that wanted to talk to a girl did it, instead of living with regrets. Our world would change. People would be happier. People would laugh more. People would wake up with hope and excitement, instead of despair and dread. People may stop doing horrible things to each other.

So yeah, we want you to be popular. We want your life to be as fun, exciting, and meaningful as ours. And we want to share how we did it.

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David Bennett is author of seven self-help books, and an in-demand speaker and consultant. Over a million readers per year read his online content, and his writings have been referenced in many publications and news outlets, including Girls Life, Fox News, the New York Times, Huffington Post, and BBC. He also writes for The Popular Teen, and other sites. Follow him on Twitter.

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