Why You Should Appreciate Sports

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Several years ago, I was talking to a guy who had never heard of a popular sports star. Although I think men who base their whole identities around liking sports teams are very misguided, I still think a guy should, if he wants to be popular, have a working knowledge of sports and sports teams. Here’s why.

Sports Are Manly

You may disagree, but most people in almost every culture in the world think you’re the one who’s wrong. Sports appeal to guys because they involve flying objects, competition, physical activity, and guts. Athletic contests are a throwback to the tribal days when men were expected to be hunters. Today we recreate those experiences through sports contests.

While not everyone is physically cut out to actually participate in sports, if you don’t at least enjoy sports (which has strong evolutionary appeal), many people, especially women, will wonder why. Don’t even give them that ammunition to question your manhood.

Sports Are Great For Networking

Because most guys love sports, sporting events (or bars with football, basketball, and baseball games) are often places where business is discussed and deals are made.

If you hate sports or know nothing about the topic, then you may not even get invited to these informal (or even formal) networking opportunities. If you are invited and you look completely uninformed, then you’ll be even worse off.

If you at least know a little about the rules and players in the major sports, even enough to fake it, you can participate in those settings that require you to be “one of the guys.”

Sports Are Part of A Well-Rounded Person

If you think you hate sports, I honestly wonder if you’ve really given them a chance. After all, there are a ton of different types of sports out there. If nature has made you a man, then from a brain wiring standpoint I don’t see how you could hate them all. Try to find one you can enjoy.

Maybe you have issues with sports because you have gone a route you think is incompatible with athletics (like being an artist) or you were picked on by athletes in high school. Get over those hang ups. You can never be a too well-rounded person. Follow your own interests, but appreciate sports too.

So, whatever your path in life, try to learn a little bit about sports. Also, learn to appreciate them. You never know when your knowledge of a football fact could land you a business deal or your appreciation of a basketball team could prove to a beautiful woman you’re more manly than she intally thought.

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