Why You Should Learn To Fight – Even If You Never Do It

Two men boxingAll high school students love it when 2 guys (or girls) get all worked up to the point of making physical contact. The fight I remember most from my high school days was one between two guys, fighting over the love of a girl (who incidentally didn’t like either of them).

My friends and I, always the Don Kings of the school, tried to get it started in the locker room, but got ran out. Then, it moved to the parking lot, but our teachers were on their toes, and sent us home from the lot. So, we ended up trekking to the school track. After a few light shoves, some taunting, and one fighter symbolically removing his glasses, a teacher finally spotted us and wrote us all up (me and some others for encouraging it and watching it).

That wasn’t a real fight; that was just dumb. However, there are times when you genuinely need the skills to defend yourself and those around you. One option is to get a concealed-carry license, and now every state in the US has that option. In some states it can be harder to get than others. In Ohio it is pretty easy to obtain, while in places like New York, it is only available to people in more rural counties. I suggest getting one, but that doesn’t mean all your self-defense problems are solved. For one, there are many places you can’t legally carry (like schools, where you may need protection the most!). Second, pulling a gun is overkill in most situations, unless of course your life is on the line.

This is where knowing how to fight comes in. I have never gotten in a fight in my life – ever. I am proud of this. I am an easy-going, peace-loving guy. I have no love for dudes that constantly start trouble. I can almost always neutralize these guys verbally, with a mix of humor and confidence. However, part of being a well-rounded and confident guy is having the ability to defend yourself and others if needed. Just having the skill will give you so much confidence and body language authority that most criminals wouldn’t go near you to begin with.

I am not going to give tips here. Quite frankly, I am not fully qualified to do so. I am going to recommend you check out the Self-Defense Company, and their materials. I have subscribed to their program and it is easy-to-understand, practical and effective. For twenty dollars a month, you get access to their twelve extensive video training modules, pdf files, forums, and much more. You can check out my review of the Self-Defense Company.

It is no-nonsense stuff. It is not about standing still for 40 minutes or doing knuckle push-ups to impress your friends or connect to some 2000 year old Japanese tradition. It is about effectively and quickly neutralizing threats, period.

Since learning their techniques, I feel 100 times more confident in my ability to defend myself and others. I’m still the relaxed and peace-loving guy I was before; but now I know that I can deal with any hostility effectively should it come my way. To use the program effectively, I suggest either a good punching bag, or ideally, a human figure punching bag.

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