Winter Fitness Tips

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Depending on where you live in the Northern hemisphere, winter weather has either already arrived or is just around the corner. That means an end to many outdoor fitness activities that fill the summer months. Summer, with its abundant daylight, warm weather, and vacation time makes exercise easy.

Consequently, a lot of people have a hard time staying fit and thin in the winter when the cold weather, early darkness, and heavy workloads take a toll on a person’s ability to keep up with a fitness regimen.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Winter fitness success is not only possible but can actually be fun. Here are a few winter fitness tips to help you make the most of winter and be ready for the beach in the summer.

Join A Gym

This is one of the tips that may seem obvious, but gyms are great during the winter. Even if there’s swirling snow and it’s freezing cold outside, you can be inside doing your favorite activity (or a new one). And, the advantage is that you are doing it with other people. For the more social among us, this is a great plus.

In addition, gyms often have a variety of machines, including cardio and strength training. This may help you tone and trim areas that you’ve previously neglected. Of course, gyms cost money, unlike the running you do for free on the back roads. Also, with a gym, you can always…

Take The Outdoors Indoors

There are a lot of fun summer activities that can be done indoors during the winter. Basketball, volleyball, swimming, biking, and running are a few examples. Lots of places have indoor sports leagues for adults that will help you burn calories and stay sharp for the outdoor versions once the seasons change.

There are also machines that can mimic the outdoor exercises in your gym. A treadmill and exercise bike are two examples. While these winter fitness activities might not be as interesting as their outdoor, summer equivalents, you can still do them if you enjoy them.

Try A New Outdoor Activity

Just because the temperature goes down and the days are shorter doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise outdoors during the winter. Lots of people know this tip already and do outdoor fitness activities throughout the winter. These exercises should add variety to your fitness routine and work different muscle groups.

Skiing (both cross country and downhill) is a fun exercise that can be done in the winter months. There’s also winter golf and snow shoeing. Even an exercise like running or hiking can be done outdoors so long as the person has the right gear. Speaking of, when doing any winter fitness activity outdoors, make sure to dress for the weather.

When I lived in an area with a lot of snow, I loved cross country skiing. It added a new dimension to my workouts and helped me build a lot more muscle. Now, I try to run outdoors even in the winter. It’s cool seeing my typical running area in a different seasons, even if I have to bundle up.

Workout In Your Home

I used to hate home based workouts. For me there was nothing worse than  being in my own house doing a boring DVD. I couldn’t get motivated. But, I’ve since learned my lesson. I started doing Beachbody’s Insanity (we offer an Insanity review) and loved it. Not only was it challenging, but it was perfect for those dark and cold nights after work.

When working out insight, try to make the experience more enjoyable by putting on music or doing anything else that helps get you motivated at home. While it may be tough at times, the convenience of working out at home during the winter is great.

So, don’t let winter lower your fitness level. Our winter fitness tips should help you stay fit and skinny (and healthy) throughout the winter months.

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