Excerpt: Introduction: Yes You Can Be Popular!

Excerpted from Be Popular Now: How Any Many Can Become Confident, Attractive and Successful (And Have Fun Doing It)

popularity book coverCan you imagine going to a busy club, festival, or business convention and being the center of attention? Everyone there seems to want you. In fact, men and woman come over in big groups and introduce themselves, even barging in on the conversation, just to be a part of the experience of you.

Can you imagine walking into a coffee shop and having all the employees gather around you and talk to you, even though other customers are waiting? Oh, and at the end of it all, you get free or discounted food, even as the people in line behind you pay.

Can you imagine having a great social life? Every night you want to go out, you have three or four friends who are practically begging to be at your side. And, that beautiful girl at work you’ve had your eye on can’t stop dropping hints about how much she wants to go on a date.

Can you imagine getting promotions, having unlimited financial opportunities, and becoming more successful and well-connected simply because people like you and find you exciting?

Can you imagine being popular wherever you are?

If you can’t really imagine these scenarios, don’t worry. You’re not alone for thinking popularity is a pipe dream. After all, you’ll never be George Clooney, Kim Kardashian, or Justin Bieber. You live five hundred miles from Hollywood. Oh, and you can’t act, throw a football, or sing to save your life.

Guess what? None of that matters! You don’t need to live in Hollywood or be an actor, athlete, or musician to be a celebrity. You can be popular, and yes, even a celebrity, in any environment, whether it’s a small town in Iowa, the college where you study, or your currently boring job.

You see, most people think celebrity equals world famous. While the odds of you achieving that are pretty slim, don’t forget that there are countless people who receive the benefits of celebrity status on a local level all the time. They have fame, popularity, money, and the joy of waking up each day knowing that wherever they go, they have fun, get lots of attention, and even bless others.

I know, because I’ve walked this path. When I was young, I was popular and knew that I was destined for greatness. Other people constantly praised my wit, extroversion, and potential. But, after high school and college, I fell into the rut of being “normal.” I settled down, took life way too seriously, and gave up my freedom for an ungrateful employer. I had turned into a boring, typical man that no one paid attention to! My edge was gone. I’d lost the joy that came from being loved and popular.

When I was 31, I lost a job and fell into depression. After a few weeks of pouting, I finally woke up and realized that my life needed a radical change. I didn’t want to be average any longer. I wanted to be a confident, happy, and exciting person, the guy I was back in my youth, when the world was mine for the taking. Through my research and practice of successful techniques, and my friendship with excellent people, I left my old patterns behind and became a totally new person. I now live an exciting, fun, and above all, fulfilled life because I am popular and loved everywhere I go.

This book is designed to teach you how to be popular like me. It doesn’t matter what environment you happen to be in. That’s right: you can achieve popularity anywhere you go and with anyone you encounter. And, my tips have an added advantage. They will help you achieve greater success and increase your contacts so that you can even move beyond your current environment and on to bigger and better things!

Since your experience of so-called popular people, especially in your junior and high school past, may not be the most positive, I want to say a few words about the kind of popularity this book teaches. I will help you make friends, get dates, and attract people of all types into your social circle. You will learn to make yourself more excellent and in the process cut through the drama, stand up to bullies, and enrich the lives of others. I will make you wildly popular while still being positive and inclusive, and living according to your chosen values.

Think again about those scenarios I listed at the start of this introduction. They’re not hypothetical. They all describe real events that have happened in my life. And, I have similar experiences every single day. I’m not in the movies, a musician, or a sports star. I’m just a transformed man who is the center of attention wherever he goes. And, it’s because I have the techniques to put myself there.

Those skills have also given me the many benefits of being popular: tons of friends, social success with both men and women, amazing networking opportunities, and yes, lots of free stuff. You can have all this too!

I encourage you to read this book slowly. Don’t rush just to finish it. Really focus on each chapter and take what I say to heart. What I present is actually very unique and even based on cutting edge brain science. Practice the techniques I give you and follow the suggested activities at the end of each chapter. Yes, you have some homework. But, it’s not the pointless stuff you were assigned to keep busy in high school. Practice makes perfect and those activities will help you be popular and beloved as quickly and efficiently as possible.