Your Christmas Present To Yourself: Popularity

christmas tree in windowGrowing up, I never knew what to get for dad. Part of it was because every Christmas morning he would open up gifts that he had bought for himself! I don’t blame him. Why worry about getting junk you don’t want from others when you can just buy what you like yourself?

This Christmas I challenge you to do like my dad: get yourself a Christmas present. However, make it a gift that will keep giving and bring you joy everyday of the year. What is this amazing gift? It’s popularity.

Being popular is awesome. It is honestly one of the greatest things in my life. You may be thinking that I’m shallow. OK, you can think that. But, let me explain why popularity is anything but shallow. Here is what I get from being a popular man:

  • Tons of lasting friendships
  • Meeting and connecting with new people all the time
  • Countless opportunities for advancement and networking
  • Joy and fun wherever I go (because I create it)
  • The happiness of bringing others in my joy
  • Waking up everyday knowing it’s going to be a good day

Basically, the best aspects of popularity are twofold. They involve offering something to others, then receiving attention in return. That is popularity in a nutshell. Look at Justin Bieber. I don’t like his music, but the guy is popular. He offers his talent and people give him attention for it.

The same is true of you. If you offer others something they want or value, then you too will be popular with them. Fortunately, we can offer them things that don’t involve musical talent. One thing I offer people on a regular basis is my humor and ability to make any situation more fun. Thus, I am popular.

For example, last week I went into a local coffee shop and was charged full price for a coffee. The employee apologized that she couldn’t give it to me for free because the general manager was there! Think about it for a minute. I was receiving an apology because she had to charge me for a drink that 99% of the other customers pay for.

She apologized because on many other days, I had gone in there and joked around with her and her fellow employees. I gave generous tips. When they had bad days I made them better. My reward? Popularity. And free coffee. This is what popularity is all about. It’s also why it’s a great gift to yourself (or someone you love).

Fortunately, our entire website is devoted to helping guys become popular. Bookmark us, follow us on social media, and, above all, follow our advice. Being popular is awesome. Give popularity as a gift to yourself this Christmas.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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